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Parent Preseason Information

Dynamos Soccer Club

Preseason Parent Information

Welcome to the Dynamos Soccer Club. Listed below is some key information and expectations for parents and players for the upcoming DSC season. This information is intended to help you, your family, and player have a great soccer experience!



Each player should always have the following for practice and games: Water Bottle, shin guards, cleats, ball, sneakers, and appropriate soccer clothing (soccer shorts, t-shirt, sweat pants, sweatshirt) or uniform, sunscreen, and healthy snack for longer periods of time.


Drop Offs

All players should arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of practices and 30 minutes prior to the start of each game. Parents of younger players Pre K / Kindergarten and 1st and 2nd graders need to remain at the field during practice or designate an adult guardian to remain at the practice. Parents of older players need not stay. Parents must pick up their player in a timely fashion when practices and games are over. Please make sure you are respectful of our volunteer coaches time and adhere to this guideline, their time is valuable too.


Weather & Cancellations

We play in the rain, and sometimes even heavy rain, and a little bit of snow probably won't keep us away either, at least not the older players. Unless there is lighting, and or other dangerous conditions, or standing water on the fields assume that we will play. We will leave it up to your judgment to whether your player can tolerate the conditions. Cancellations for games and practices will be announced by your coaches on email, posted on our website, and announced on our Facebook page.

Please, if there is threatening weather in the area, stay at the fields with your children in case there is lightning.



If you have trouble transporting your player to practices or games don't hesitate to ask your coach for assistance. They may be able to drive your child to games or help coordinate transportation between other team parents.


Disruptive Behavior

Coaches may ask a disruptive or disrespectful player to sit out for several minutes during practices or games. If the behavior continues the coach may ask the player to sit out the rest of the practice or game. If you have concerns, please speak with your coach or with the Parent at Large board member.



Please volunteer, even informally. Dynamos Soccer Club is a volunteer based organization. With out our volunteers we would not be able bring soccer to our players.


Support your Coaches

All of our coaches are volunteers, who have rearranged their schedules and are making sacrifices at work and home in order to commit to their team. Not all of them are fortunate enough to have extensive soccer backgrounds, and its safe to assume that all of our coaches have googled soccer drills this week. Its also a good bet that not all of them have extensive experience in coordinating 10-16 high energy kids all armed with inflatable projectiles. It's not easy, please support them!

Parent and Player Code of Conduct

Read the Parent and Player Code of Conduct listed under the Parents tab on our website. Our players need all of our help to grow and succeed.



Email is often the most used communication between coaches and parents. If you do not have email speak to your coach to find the best way for them to communicate with you. Check out our website at



DSC has a facebook page at I Support the Northfield Dynamos Youth Soccer Program. Club announcements are also posted on our facebook page and parents often post concerning equipment they are looking for or that their players have outgrown. Like us on Facebook!



Most importantly have a Great Season!