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Spring Tryouts & Registration


Why so early you may ask? This is our normal sign up time frame. The spring soccer program is one that gets developed all winter long. Dynamos must turn in information in January about how many teams they will be entering in the league. The only way we can accurately do this is to get your confirmation by registering early we will have playing at each age group.


U8 – Will not evaluate, but need to register

U10 Girls – 12 – 11

U10 Boys – 1:15 – 2:15

U12 Girls – 2:30 – 3:30

U12 Boys – 3:45 – 4:45

U14 and older - Girls and Boys – Will not evaluate, but need to register

Please stop by any time of the day during any of the other age evaluations and register.

If you are a player interested in playing spring soccer with Dynamos you need to be at this day during your designated time slot. Arrive 15 minutes early so you can get a pinny and be ready to hit the field at the beginning of the start time.

**If you are a player in the U8 or U14 and older age groups and cannot come by on to Dynamos Soccer Club, PO Box 8, Northfield, VT 05663 or email us directly at northfielddynamossoccer@gmail.com

To register, you must send in a spring registration form with a $50 deposit


In order to help families know what age group their players fit into

Please see the date chart below:

U8 – Born after August 1 2006

U10 – Born between 8/1/2004 and 7/31/2006

U12 – Born between 8/1/2002 and 7/31/2004

U14 – Born between 8/1/2000 and 7/31/2002

Spring registration fees:

U8 - $60 for full payment

U10 – U17 - $100 for full payment

$50 Deposit required at registration

Balances due by Feb 15, 2015

Information is also posted on the Dynamos Website www.dynamossoccer.org

In the past this day has been called an “Evaluation day” and while we will have evaluators on site, the only reason to have them is for the situation where we have so many players interested at one age/gender group we need to form two teams. The spring teams are only allowed to roster a certain number of players, if there are more than a roster allows we need to be able to group the players into appropriate spots on two different teams.

From a Dynamos Board view point this day is most important for us to get a head count. We need to know how many players are interested so we can best serve the kids in our soccer program. It is definitely difficult to guess how many late comers we might have when March rolls around. The Vermont Soccer Association will have already accepted our number of teams and created a schedule at this point making it impossible to change our teams.

If you absolutely cannot be at Doyon Field on Sunday October 19 you need to make an effort to reach the Dynamos board so we know you are interested and committed to playing in the spring.

Doyon Field Guidelines

Please respect the following guidelines when attending your players events at Doyon Field:

Please no smoking.

Park as far off the road onto the grass as possible.

DO NOT park inside the gate, in the cemetery.

Watch practices and games from the opposite side of the field from the players benches whenever possible.

Please cheer in a positive manner, let the coaches coach and enjoy watching your player compete.


Page Revised: 10/08/2014